I’ve done my best for Nigeria – Alison-Madueke

Diezani Alison-Madueke, minister of petroleum resources, says she has done her best for Nigeria and have attained many firsts in the history of oil and gas in the country.

She noted that having performed optimally there is no need for her to seek any soft-landing from the incoming administration because she has not committed any crime.

She also said the report that she has sought, but refused asylum outside the country was false. She said though she had stepped on big toes during her tenure, she would rather not go anywhere. Alison-Madueke made the comments to journalists on Wednesday.

“I have not sought such assistance because I am not aware that I have been indicted of any crime that I will need a soft landing. Over the last four years, I have been severally and unfortunately accused and labelled in so many malicious and vindictive ways. I have explained these things and pushed back robustly on these accusations and I have even gone to court on many of them. Yet they keep being regurgitated.

“I think it is unfortunate, particularly when we are moving into a transition period and looking forward to an incoming government which is coming to take over where we have ended.

For everything that has a beginning there is an end and that is not a surprise. What is the surprise is the sort of malevolence bothering on personal malicious libel to my person during this period of time.

“I do believe that I have done the best for Nigeria in this job and I have attained many firsts in the history of oil and gas especially in the reforms that we have done. In this period of time, I have stepped on many big toes, particularly the toes of the cabals that were in the industry when we came in…

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