I Can Bring the US Dollar to N200 in One Month – Business Mogul, Ifeanyi Challenges Buhari

As the nation’s currency exchanges at N400 to the US dollar on Sunday, billionaire business mogul has said that if the Buhari-led federal government consults him, he could restore the nation’s currency to an exchange rate of N200 to one US Dollar within one month.

Speaking on a Channels Television poli tics programme on Sunday, billionaire businessman and the Chairman of Capital Oil and Gas Services Ltd., Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah, has advised the Federal Government to consult some Nigerians who can halt the free fall of the Naira which is affecting the na tion’s economy.The Nai ra currently exchanges at N400 to the US dollar.
The Publisher of The Authority newspapers, said that if the President Buhari-led federal gov ernment consults him, he could re­store the nation’s currency to an ex change rate of N200 to one US Dollar within one month, thereby arresting the slide in the Naira which is virtu ally crippling the economy. 
The Chairman of Ifeanyi Ubah Football Club, however did not say how he was going to bring the Naira down to an exchange rate of 200 per dol lar, but said the government could seize everything he owns if he failed to do this within one month, if given the mandate.
“Look at the position of the Naira today. Some of us have ideas on how we can restore this. Do you know how many Bureau De Change people who food has been taken out of their families because of this?

“If you say they are the ones causing it, then where are you today? It needs strategic management. It won’t take me one month, if you give me part of that consultancy, Naira would come back to 200. I can bet my life with it. Naira would come back to N200. If you call me for that consultancy, I would put Naira back to 200,” he said
Chief Ubah also affirmed that he was not involved in any way what­soever in the $2.3 billion Dasuki gate arms deal that involved the for­mer National Security Adviser, Col Sambo Dasuki, adding that he was not in volved in the politics of contracts and has never done any government con tracts, whether at the Federal, state or local government levels.
“I am highly misunderstood, sometimes controversial. But I have never done any government contracts. I did not collect any money from Gov ernment; I do not have an oil block – and I have not asked for one.
“I did not know Dasuki. TAN nev er received money from Dasuki or the People’s Democratic Party. We did what we did in the interest of the na tion and for posterity.

“I’m a politician with a mind-set of making life worth living for the people, when issues seem to be getting out of hand. So TAN has no hand in whatever that has to do with the arms deal fund.”
He said following the controver sies trailing the #Dasukigate, it has be come necessary for him to extricate himself from allegations that himself and the non-governmental organisa tion, Transformation Ambassadors of Nigeria (TAN), were in anyway in volved in the sharing of the arms deal money.

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